About Our Trial

If your doctor has recommended total knee replacement surgery due to severe knee pain, this research study will allow you to obtain a total knee replacement at no cost if our doctor agrees you need a knee replacement.

Why are you offering a total knee replacement at no cost?

We are offering this total knee replacement procedure at no cost in conjunction with a research study that is sanctioned by the FDA. The study will include a procedure to freeze the nerves that go to the knee which will alleviate post-operative pain.

Will traditional pain relievers be provided as well?

Yes. Participants will also receive pain-reducing drugs that are typically given after a knee replacement.

Who qualifies to participate in the study?

Potential study patients must meet several health criteria to qualify for this study.

A primary requirement is that the candidate must have a Body Mass Index (BMI) below 40.

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Candidates must also be in good general health and pass our phone screen to qualify.

How long will I remain in the hospital?

Individuals who qualify for the study must commit to spending one day in the hospital in Houston, Texas after the surgery. This is normal for a knee replacement and we will monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of nerve freezing procedure.

Contact us to be considered

If you are interested in participating in this FDA-sanctioned study please call (832) 919-7864.