About Our Trial

If your doctor has recommended total knee replacement surgery due to severe knee pain, this research study will allow you to learn if you need a knee replacement. If you qualify, you will receive the total knee replacement at no cost.

Why are you offering a total knee replacement at no cost?

We are offering this total knee replacement procedure at no cost in conjunction with a research study that is sanctioned by the FDA. The study will evaluate a new drug to be injected around the knee at the time of surgery to alleviate post-operative pain. Half of the participants will receive the drug, and half will be given a placebo.

Will traditional pain relievers be provided as well?

Yes. Participants will also receive pain-reducing drugs that are typically given after a knee replacement.

Who qualifies to participate in the study?

Potential study patients must meet several health criteria to qualify for this study.

A primary requirement is that the candidate must have a Body Mass Index (BMI) below 42.

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Candidates must also be in good general health and pass our phone screen to qualify.

Will I be paid if I participate in the study?

Yes. In addition to receiving the total knee replacement surgery and all related charges at no cost, trial participants will be paid $500 for completing the study. Participants may recieve additional reimbursement for travel, time, and other expenses.

How long will I remain in the hospital?

Individuals who qualify for the study must commit to spending five days in the hospital in Houston, Texas after the surgery. This is longer than normal for a knee replacement so that we can monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of post-operative pain relief injections.

Contact us to be considered

If you are interested in participating in this FDA-sanctioned study please call (713) 897-1336.

(713) 897-1336